Session 001

The story began in Griilma, the sixth of the Seven Great Cities of No’emau-sair. Gabriella the elven ranger, Gwenn the human paladin, Kalvokos the eladrin warlord, Rugfeather the halfling rogue, and Talistor the wizard were resting after a day of weariness at the tavern Swearing Sailor, a decent establishment near the southern gate for the city. The stress of the day seemed to be relenting when crazed men burst through the door and windows, killing another patron. The five characters fought in self-defense against these lunatics, disgusted by their assailants’ gratified moans as they were torn apart in the fight. They wrapped up the fight, leaving one alive and turning him over to the guards.

Talistor, a Fesilru of the city, called for an emergency meeting of the Sajie and begged the Elesim to stop their inactivity against these madmen, who were part of a group known as the Order of True Sight. The Elesim decided that no guards nor funds could be spared to pursue what they considered to be an unimportant annoyance, but Talistor could prove his loyalty to the Faith by taking the do-gooders who helped him to pursue the Order.

After the meeting, the party went to the finest inn in Griilma’s center, the Staggering Dragon, and bedded for the night. While most of the party were fine with being pressed into service, Gabriella was annoyed by the arrogant assumption that she could be ordered by those to whom she owed no allegiance, and took some convincing to join the endeavor. Eventually, everyone was in agreement that something should be done, but with their only leads being an injured, raving man and the scent of gendimlk heavy on their foes’ clothes, they are not sure what…

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