deity: a powerful immortal spirit that was created to have governance over a given realm, whether it be physical, spiritual, ideological, etc.; these deities have free will and either serve as intended or not

Elesim: (draconic) Lit. “esteemed”, either one or the entire body of the twelve governing officials of a city in No’emau-sair. Those that are selected to be such have shown themselves to be scholars well-versed in the Satilli and have served the Faith zealously for at least thirty-five years.

Fesilru: (draconic) Lit. “civic servitors”, either one of or the entire body of the city officials, military officers, and scribes that gather the necessary intelligence for the Elesim to govern the city wisely.

gendimlk: (dwarven) Lit. “cave wall shit”, a slime of foul color and fouler odor that grows on the walls of limestone caverns in the Gelobrya mountain range. Upon ingestion (?!), a person experiences general dulling of the senses, hallucinations, and – in some cases, generally involving several mouthfuls – mania. It would appear that members of the Order of True Sight live in areas where gendimlk grows…

god: the all-powerful being from which all things proceed; this term applies only to Jiktahl

Jiktahl: The god who created Cantellion and the deities that serve as governors over it. Most peoples of Cantellion have forgotten him and worship the deities instead, despite his still being active in the world.

No’emau: A lawful good deity charged with the realm of Authority and Justice. He is a faithful servant of Jiktahl. His servants tend to depict him as a majestic elder dragon, although he has never made a theophany nor is he particularly interested in dragons.

No’emau-tol’lau’rin’sautokare: (draconic) Lit. “the holy order of worship, service, and ministry of No’emau”, it is a faith worshipping No’emau as god. It is tolerant of other religions so far as those religions confess No’emau as being above their gods or deities, but as other religions tend not to see things this way, it has developed a reputation for religious persecution.

No’emau-sair: (draconic) Lit. “holy realm/kingdom of No’emau”, it is a fundamentalist state in the Pelacya continent that is inbetween the Gelobrya mountain range and Terema Bay. It keeps the faith No’emau-tol’lau’rin’sautokare (commonly called “the Faith” for simplicity).

Order of True Sight: A group of lunatic masochists that have taken to attacking cities in No’emau-sair, such as Griilma. Nobody knows anything about their beliefs or aims, as the few members that have been captured alive are completely incoherent. It is unknown whether the Order refers to itself this way, or whether some official coined the term to refer to them.

Sajie: (draconic) Lit. “holy council”, the format of government widely used in the city-state No’emau-sair. It is comprised of two groups: the Elesim and the Fesilru.

Satilli: (draconic) Lit. “holy guidance”, the collective works of doctrine, commentary, and devotion that form the core of religious belief of No’emau-tol’lau’rin’sautokare. It is an ongoing work primarily written in an archaic form of Draconic.

Seven Great Cities of No’emau-sair: These cities are some combination of being the largest, most devout, most academic, and most wealthy cities. They are, in order from first to last:

  1. Rak-toria: (draconic) Lit. “origin of truth”, it is believed that this city was built upon the founding place of No’emau-tol’lau’rin’sautokare. It is the capital of No’emau-sair, and the wealthiest city by far as all other cities tithe to the faith on top of taxes. It is also the foremost city in academic study.
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  6. Griilma: (draconic) Lit. “shadow shore”, Griilma is a fairly large city (though the smallest of the seven) with a prosperous trade due to its well-placed ports on Terema Bay. It is hidden from the jet stream by a spur of the Gelborya to the west, which reduces the humidity level significantly. Many ancient texts are stored here because of the ease of preservation, and as such it has become a center of study and research.


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